Ratings guide

The below ratings are for books only; films and theatre shows do not receive a star rating but it will be obvious from my review how I felt about them!

IMG_2314I have limited space on my bookshelves so I only keep the books that I rate the highest (the rest are carted off to the charity shop or library to be enjoyed by others). If I’ve rated a book as a keeper, I am willing to spend a significant amount of time re-organising my collection to keep it and am probably still in mourning because it has come to an end. You absolutely should not be allowed to continue on with your life until you have bought and read this book.IMG_2319I enjoyed it, I’m glad I read it and I would probably recommend this book to others but there is something holding me back from truly raving about it.IMG_2320It wasn’t really my thing. I didn’t get excited about this book or lie to friends and family about how busy I am so that I could stay in and read it. I can see how someone else might enjoy it but probably wouldn’t recommend it because I’d be worried you wouldn’t enjoy it and then never trust my judgement again.IMG_2321There’s at least one thing fundamentally wrong (and telling you all about it will be somewhat akin to a therapy session for me!). I finished the book, and that means that there was something that made me hope that it was going to get better. But it didn’t.IMG_2322I couldn’t even finish it, it was so unforgivably awful. I know that writing a book is no small undertaking and have a lot of respect for those that do it so I don’t abandon a book halfway through without some serious soul searching. There’s definitely something seriously wrong here. This doesn’t happen very often.

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