Hi, I’m Rachy-Lou!

I’m a recently unemployed 30-something trying to make it as a writer.

I hate tea, can drink coffee and will bite the hand off anyone that offers me a coconut hot chocolate. I live on Quorn cocktail sausages and children’s books. I spend most of my days thinking about how cool it would be to have a pet dragon. I have just taken up jogging. I write because it makes me happy.

This site is my first foray into sharing the things that I write with anyone and an attempt to get myself into the habit of writing and editing every day. I’ll post a bit of everything: some reviews, some creative writing (which will, mostly, be suitable for children!) and some general ramblings.

If you like any of what you read, you can subscribe using the link to the right. I’m also on all the usual social sites – just search for habitual scribbler and feel free to get in touch!