From Iceland with love

Hello from Iceland!

Tried the local sled service today. It was just like being on the Tube (except was in the fresh air and there was nobody but me and the driver for miles). One of the dogs had just had puppies and they were curled up next to me in a blanket, best commute EVER!

Team meeting went better this week, at least I knew to expect the hot chocolate and marshmallow frying over the fire! Doing nothing for my figure but it’s easy to hide underΒ  all the layers here – haven’t been to the gym since we arrived.

Still trying to figure out if man next door is the real Santa Claus. Will update when possible!

Love, Rach xx

The original prompt for this post came from 712 more things to write about by the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.

“It’s summer and you have just moved to Iceland. Write a postcard that makes Londoners jealous”

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