You really must come to us next time

Dearest Lucy,

Just a quick note to thank you very much for having us and to say that I hope Jon is feeling better now. It really was such rotten luck that the ambulance needed to get away so soon after we pulled in to the hospital – you would think that ambulance drivers of all people would be capable of reversing without injuring pedestrians, but such is the way of the world now. I suspect he was foreign. Still, it couldn’t have happened in a better place, I really was most impressed with the speed the cast was fitted to his foot. Perhaps the NHS isn’t in quite the state we are led to believe after all.

Timothy stopped wearing the dressing on his arm rather quickly and has enjoyed showing his scars off to his little friends enormously. I am fairly certain they believe little Jerry to be some kind of exotic and poisonous zoo escapee rather than the miniature Daschund we all know and love. I’ve enclosed a chew toy recommended by my friend Margaret from church to keep him busy – I do hope he enjoys, I chose the pink as I think it most closely resembles a small child’s arm and I know he enjoys those (ha ha!).

Lucy, thank you most especially for the wonderful dinner you spent so much time and care preparing for us. Even burnt to a char as it was, the duck smelt delicious, you must send me the recipe so I can have a go at getting it right. It’s so annoying that in the fuss of poor Timothy’s arm and the panic to get him to hospital for a rabies jab, nobody thought to turn the oven off. We live and learn, I suppose.

When we got to the station (I do hope you didn’t think us rude departing early like that, I didn’t want Timothy’s bleeding arm to ruin your linen), we found our train had been cancelled. Bring on privatisation of the railways, I hear you cry, but actually it gave us the chance to have a little rest and regroup before the next train. We even managed to get hold of some duck pancakes from the Chinese next door – your wonderful attempt at dinner having put us in the mood.

Thank you again for everything, you really must come to us next time.

Love to all



The original prompt for this post came from 712 more things to write about by the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.

“Write a thank you note for a weekend where everything went wrong”

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