The best decision I ever made?

I did it! I quit my job and am now officially unemployed.

I just couldn’t spend my days slogging away for the chance to progress in a career that I ultimately don’t really care about, going the extra mile to deliver projects to clients that I don’t really like for no more than personal pride and the hope that one day someone would notice and offer me more money to work even harder to deliver even bigger projects. Ugh, what’s the point?

I suspect that any sympathy that you may have been feeling will evaporate when I tell you that I had only been in this latest job for four weeks when I handed in my notice, and that before that my other half and I had taken a sabbatical of around five months. BUT HEAR ME OUT.

Essentially, I panicked and I sold out on the dream. You see, the aforementioned sabbatical was only due to last three months at which point a large number of eager employers were supposed to offer us multiple job opportunities. Perhaps there would even be a bidding war. Except, of course, it’s 2017 and the days of employers wanting to part with their money are long gone, unless you have a CV that matches the job description word for word and shows that “extra something” (I’m trying to fit 10 years experience onto two sides of paper because of your short attention span, where exactly is this extra something going?).

So I bit the bullet and abandoned all hope of changing my career, applying instead for all the old reliable Project Manager jobs and getting one pretty quickly.

In fairness, the job sounded as if it was going to be great and I was actually excited. Until my first day. And I realised that it was going to be just like every other job I’d had before and was ever likely to have again. On top of that, it turned out to be a slightly weird and quite unpleasant working atmosphere so it was only a matter of days before I knew it wasn’t the forever job I had been hoping for.

After my first couple of weeks, I knew it wasn’t even a Plan B tide-me-over-until-I-can-go-on-maternity-leave job so I did the slightly stupid but ever so brave thing (focussing on the brave part, please!) and handed in my notice, abandoningΒ  the crazy world of project management to pursue my dream career in writing. What kind of writing? I don’t know and frankly, I don’t really care. Anytime I get to sit down and put a pen to paper, I get excited. It doesn’t matter whether it’s to do some creative writing or some corporate project comms.

Naturally, the rose tinted spectacles have not quite come off this dream yet, and I am picturing myself in six months time turning down work just so that I have time to walk the dog that we are finally able to get because I’m working from home, with a seven figure book deal under my belt.

To be fair, if the only part of this that comes true is the dog, I’ll still be able to say this is the best decision I ever made.


    • Hello there *waves maniacally*
      I know, right? Not an easy one. I’m going with writer (with a small w!), I mean it accurately describes how I spend my day even if it’s for no more reward than to keep me sane at the moment!

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      • I’m exactly the same. Following an accident, and a disastrous attempt to be a round-peg, I decided to be unconventional and take time to write. I’ve learnt so much since I started – need to improve the *gain* side, but this is my equivalent of travelling the world.


      • That’s great to hear, I’ve got a lot to learn so I’m really hoping it will come thick and fast.
        The *gain* stuff is hard, isn’t it? On the one hand it’s really liberating and I don’t want to care, but on the other hand, I do have to eat.
        Yes, this is my creative gap year too! I’m just hoping that I don’t ever have to go back to the real world.

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